Well, I’ve just wrapped up a series of Choose Your Own Monster workshops for Brisbane City Council libraries. Coming from an animation background, I’ve always felt I was a kid pretending to be grown up but actually working with a bunch of 8 -12 year olds really put perspective on things. Firstly, it gets harder to think imaginatively as you get older. Some of the stories the kids came up with were crazy good! Like one kid wanted to write about a superhero who could detach his bottom to fight crime. Where do they get this stuff from? (Later, my friend told me that particular idea is actually based on a cartoon series called The Day My Bum Went Psycho but regardless, appropriation is great and still made for a mad awesome story.)

In the festive spirit of Halloween, the lovely illustrator Tara Brown has allowed me to post up the monster worksheets from the workshop. They are a collection of monster heads, bodies and appendages that she designed especially for the class. Feel free to print them out, colour them in and mash up as many monsters as you want. I’ve actually started a Halloween book with my nieces and nephew where they are making a monster a day for the month of October. If you do choose to print out the designs, be sure to send some love to Tara Brown’s facebook page


Monster heads 001


Monster body parts 001


Monster appendages 001